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Back in my kitchen after 3 weeks

Back in my kitchen after 3 weeks… I didn't cook for 3 weeks because I was busy with work and travel. My stomach wasn't doing well when I didn't eat my own clean food. During the first 2 weeks of eating out, I had cheat days by eating spicy food every day. I thought I would be ok since I always have healthy lifestyle. But I wasn't ok. It turned out I got a bad stomachache after all those cheat days. Karma!! I had to take medicine before bed everyday…. Read More

My husband and i like to eat healthy food

My husband and i like to eat healthy food. We like to cook our own food and go to healthy restaurants cos we feel that eating healthy food make us have more energy throughout the day. We were not strict ourselves as much as we are now tho. I started vegetarian lifestyle since May 2017 (before I watched Okja) because I thought it is better for my body as I sometimes has nasal infected and I had to clear my nose. It felt hurt. Now I think food and air… Read More

Pierogis making

Pierogis making.. I promised @armyxxl yesterday that I would make pierogis for him. After yesterday yoga class I was very exhausted so I couldn't make it. Today I also went yoga class. After class, i was full with energy. I finally made our dream happened today. When we went to 🇩🇪 Germany, Markus' grandma taught me how to make pierogis. Later we kept practicing making it again and again. And we are a pro now. On samui it was hard to find sour cream to eat with pierogi. We went… Read More