Back in my kitchen after 3 weeks

Back in my kitchen after 3 weeks… I didn't cook for 3 weeks because I was busy with work and travel. My stomach wasn't doing well when I didn't eat my own clean food. During the first 2 weeks of eating out, I had cheat days by eating spicy food every day. I thought I would be ok since I always have healthy lifestyle. But I wasn't ok. It turned out I got a bad stomachache after all those cheat days. Karma!! I had to take medicine before bed everyday. Last week I was very careful eating. Still I had no energy to cook my own food. Fortunately there are healthy food restaurants around us. So we went to eat only at those healthy restaurants. Lesson I learned home cooked food is the best for my body. I didn't expect that my stomach would be super sensitive. Yeah i agree that you are what you eat. No more spicy food for a month and I will see from there.

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