My husband and i like to eat healthy food

My husband and i like to eat healthy food. We like to cook our own food and go to healthy restaurants cos we feel that eating healthy food make us have more energy throughout the day. We were not strict ourselves as much as we are now tho. I started vegetarian lifestyle since May 2017 (before I watched Okja) because I thought it is better for my body as I sometimes has nasal infected and I had to clear my nose. It felt hurt. Now I think food and air are factors of my sickness, and of course doing yoga often also helps. I barely have that symptom since I moved to the island 🌴 and started eating healthier than before. After watching Okja, i think I chose the right part for myself. I admitted that 90% of my meals are vegetarian food. 10% of my meals are still some fish because I still don't want to take vitamin B12 pills yet. I noticed my body has been changing in a good way as well as my partner. I feel lighter, healthier, happier and stronger. Today menu is Chickpea & tofu patties with Spanish and quinoa. I actually attempted to make bento lunch 🍱 box but I don't have a box like that. PS I am not sure if you have the same experience when you tell people you are vegetarian or vegan, they judge you. I'm still not fully confident telling people yet if they ask me.

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