CrossFit day 2: omg I was running (half)

day 2: omg I was running (half). Lol, Markus usually says that I run like I walk – implying I’m too slow. 😜😜 I kinda stopped running after I started wakeboarding. Our last quarter marathon was in 2014!! Haha we used to go jogging at Lumpini park almost every morning when we lived in Bangkok, but now. 😂

Today in class I heard that running is on our list. I was like oh man!! Really!??? I don’t really wanna run. I enjoy watersports more (an excuse). Lol but it’s ok. I will give it a try again. I know I need to get back into a jogging routine.

It was meeting new people at the CrossFit class. So I just committed on this and signed up for a membership. Every time I start a new sport, Markus would do the same thing as me except Yoga.

He really tried it. It’s not his thing. But he said after I do CrossFit for 2 weeks, he will try it too. Lol, we will see. 😆

Oh one more thing I saw our old neighbor’s dog there too. Thought I wouldn’t see him again. When he saw me, he walked closer to me. He is big and calm.
Yes, I’m happy.

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