I finally repotted all of my little Aloe Vera

I finally repotted all of my little Aloe Vera. I’m so happy to see the biggest one is still alive. Last year it was very dry. We thought it would not live. I almost threw it out. After we came back from Europe, we noticed it has been growing again. Yesterday we went to a plant shop near home and talked to the owner of the plant shop. She gave us some tips how to grow Aloe Vera successfully. She put some dried coconut shell on top of the soil and could see a difference between one with dried coconut shell and one without it. One with dried coconut shell grew bigger. So we bought some dried coconut shell. Doing garden is fun. It made me relaxed and calm. I will plant more plants next weekend. I am planning to buy more water plants and plants on the wall. 🌿#

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